Mountain Momma

 A lot of parents wait to take their kids outside or on vacations because they believe they are too young. I think it is always easier to get a child adjusted to something when you start them young. My daughter is only 3 months old and already loves being outside and the fresh air…seriously…when she is crying up a storm all we have to do its take her outside or roll down the windows in the car and she instantly calms down.
A few days ago my brother, baby M, and I went up for a hike to Cave Rock in South Lake Tahoe. Yes, it was a bit of a struggle, as it is mostly rocks and a vertical climb. I had her in my Moby wrap it was just like I was climbing with a ten pound weight around my neck, makes for a better exercise I think :). Once we got to the top it was well worth it, the view it gives you makes it one of the most incredible around the lake, and baby M loved looking around and feeling the wind.

Cave Rock is a well known spot in Tahoe, with rocks so high and wide that Highway 50 was built to go through it. You can get it off Highway 50 and turn onto Cave Rock drive, you will drive up a slop that veers to the left you then have the option to go straight or continue up the street, go straight and find a place to park. The trail head is easy to find…just stroll along and you’ll see the cluster of rocks (this is the difficult part, as there is no designated trail to take up, you just wing it) I do not recommend this hike for anyone with children who can’t be held in a carrier or hiking pack, as it is very steep and drops off more then 100 feet. However you can you can still take the trail and get a great view to the base of the rocks and walk around them.

Get out and explore!





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