Steppin Into Spring

Ahh, Spring has finally sprung upon us. The crowds have gone, the flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the waterfalls are raging. This and fall are my two favorite seasons, because we get to enjoy the beauty of our home without as many people around.

Baby M and I have been busy this week with visitors. That means we get the honor of playing tour guide. So I’ve come up with a short list of my favorite things to do with our family and friends in the Spring.

1. Hikes along the East Shore:

The East side of the lake (East Shore) gets the most sun, so the snow melts the quickest. This makes more perfect early spring hiking, because most of the trails are hikeable. The water on this side of the lake is my favorite as it tends to resemble Caribbean like waters, with the way the shades of blue change with the depth of the water.

Chimeny Beach, Thunderbird Beach, and Skunk Harbor are just some of the better beaches, with easy down hill but intense up hill climbs (well worth it, in my opinion). You can find parking for these off the side of Hwy 28 before the gates open for the parking lots in late May. Check out Hidden Beach too, easy walk in and out.

The water is crisp and refreshing so if you are feeling up to it, JUMP IN!

2. Downtown Truckee:


Downtown Truckee on Donner Pass Road has something for everyone of all ages. They have a great selection of bars and restaurants and some of the best shopping in Tahoe. It falls along side the Truckee River as well as the Union Pacific Railroad. They also have a California Welcome Center with tons of information on the local areas if you want more information on what’s around you.

I encourage you to check out the train cart museum on the side of the welcome center which has some neat history about the the Truckee Railway. Also, you have to view the river that flows under the bridge, it is the only outlet of water from Lake Tahoe.

A few of my favorite stores: Nomad Boutique- They have great clothing & accessories and is pretty affordable. Bespoke- There is such a unique selection of items here. Great for gifts! Treehouse Children’s Boutique- A perfect children’s store with everything from toys to clothes. CA 89- A local brand with a great selection of clothing and other cool things!

Check out 1882 for some great BBQ and they have outdoor patio seating which gives you the perfect river view! Marg’s Tacos for some great street tacos and a killer drink selection.

3. Emerald Bay:

You are never disappointed going here, it is one of the most photographed places in Tahoe. Eagle Falls flow right into this bay that houses a Vikingsholm Castle and an island that was used as a tea house once upon a time.

Take some time to walk down Vikingsholm Trail and walk around the Castle, they actually open it up to the public for tours in summer. Check out the massive waterfall that goes under the highway, but be careful, it gets slippery. You might even get to see the Tahoe Queen come around the bay, it’s a 2 hour cruise on a paddle boat that gives you an on the water tour of Emerald Bay!
Honestly I would write out a list 30 pages long of my favorite things to do but these are always a must  when being a tour guide.

I would love to know some of your favorite spots in your home towns incase we visit soon.. Now off to enjoy our weekend with some more visitors




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