Oregon Dreaming

The past couple weeks in Tahoe have been very gloomy, with on and off rain & snow and some bits of sunshine in between. I can’t complain about the precipitation we are getting, but I am not happy with being stuck indoors with a 4 month old. We can’t go outside because its too cold and wet, and then we have so many visitors these days we can’t seem to find time to actually leave anywhere! Thankfully we are going on our first road trip as a family next week so we can get spend alone time together. So to pass the time indoors I have been googling endless amounts of info about Oregon.

We will be going on a 2 week camping adventure throughout Oregon. We rented a Ford Econo-line conversion camper-van that is equipped with a queen size bed and a kitchenette through Escape Campervans. This is the perfect camping van, especially for families because it comes with almost everything you need, such as camping chairs, kitchen utensils, sheets and pillows. We even added on a Thule box so we can put our stroller and other big items in. What I love about this company, is that each van is painted differently by an artist, and you get to choose whichever one fits your style.

We have booked campgrounds around the state and will be taking many stops along the way. Of course we have a night in Downtown Portland, a couple nights in Bend, and will going down the coastline. I know with Baby M it is going to be a bit challenging, with trying to work around her schedule. Our first day will be hardest for her with the 9 hour car ride to Bend from San Fransisco, we mapped it out with stopping every couple hours at points of interest. She is teething right now so it might makes things a bit harder but we are as prepared as we can be. Now I just need to start packing (lightly) which is hard to do as a girl who also has a baby girl.

I would love to hear any input or ideas for our trip! 

Also, we did manage to get out last night for an early dinner for a birthday and I was able to catch the sun on our way home. 


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