Oregon Trail PT.1

A 13 hour drive, countless stops, and lots of diaper changes later…we have made it to Bend, Oregon. The meca of craft breweries, and quite possibly our next home. It was honestly the most stressful drive of my entire life, and I wasn’t even the one driving. Baby M did so well the first 8 hours but then after that she cried the rest of the way, can’t blame her, car seats suck. 

We made plenty of stops, first being Klamath Falls, and no there are no waterfalls, just an awesome brewery with great people. Then Crater Lake, still covered in snow but they plow the main road year round so we easily accessed the viewpoint, we couldn’t  drive around the lake but the viewpoint was enough. 

Crater Lake: The deepest lake in the United States, no boat access besides the park officials. This is from the main viewpoint.

Next stop was Toketee Falls, only a quarter of a mile too the falls and the trail is set with stairs and stones. No strollers can access this trail but we just carried Baby M.

Next stop Watson Falls, the third tallest waterfall on Oregon standing at 272 feet. As before it was a quarter of a mile to be viewpoint and no stroller access, so again, we carried Baby M. It was moist and muddy but well worth it. 

Finally after stopping for waterfalls, food, gas, diaper changes, and feelings, we made it to Tumalo State Park. After the 13 hours and hunger and irritation, we didn’t even set up camp, just the bed in our conversion campervan. We didn’t even get out our blankets, just sheets and we were so cold in the middle of the night we used towels to cover ourselves. Thank goodness for our mini human who also is a portable mini heater. 

Our campsite at Tumalo, it sits right on the edge of the Deschutes River. 
Woke up this morning to the sounds of a rushing river and tweeting birds refreshed and ready to take on today. We want to hit up as many breweries as we can. So far it’s been 3. 

  • Deschutes, which is very family friendly, has lunch and dinner available and great beer and is very well known out of Bend. 
  • 10 Barrell: An up and coming brewery that’s small but has amazing beer. Smaller place but lots of outside seating with a fireplace. 
  • Crux Fermantation Project: by far my favorite place, it’s housed in an old AAmco Building, and has a huge outdoor area which has cornhole and lots of room for the kids to roam, food here is mainly snack types for your drunken munchies. 

Bend is such an amazing town with plenty to do. We love it here, even with the rainy weather we had today. We are off to the Columbia River Gorge next. 



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