Oregon Coast Pt.3

Finally some sunshine!!!! Since we have began our trip we have had on and off rain. We took advantage of the “good” weather which was cloudy and that’s the day we went hiking. We seriously thought it was going to be typical beach weather the entire trip, we packed sandals and tank tops and beach supplies. But we were mistaken, and we have been making the best of it. 

We started our sun shiny day in Portland. We walked around the shops and grabbed some lunch. Went to the world famous Powell’s Book Store, where Baby M had an embarrassing exploding diaper. But, WOW! Powell’s really was amazing, so many books on every subject you could think of. Even I was a bit overwhelmed, they have an amazing coffee bar too. We didn’t spend too much time in downtown,walking around with the baby wasn’t the smartest. 


  • Bunk sandwich deli: it’s a hole in the wall but has great food. Try the chicken salad sandwich.
  • Voodoo Donuts: if you love donuts you’ve heard of Voodoo! The biggest selection of crazy flavored/designed donuts. Gotta try the Portland Cream, it is a maple cream filled donut with a mustache face on it. 
  • Townshend’s Tea House: The best chai tea I’ve ever had in my life. They have over 80 specially blended teas to choose from and every flavor. I actually left with 8 0z of different looseleaf teas to brew at home. Try the Ginger Green Chai.

We took a break from the van that night and had a restful nights sleep and a nice hot shower at the Oxford Suites. A really nice clean hotel that has free (good) breakfast and a complimentary cocktail at happy hour. Then had dinner across the river in Washington at Beaches with old friends. 

Yesterday we started our coast trip with driving up to Astoria, a beautiful little town. We tried to see the Goonies House but the owner has stopped showing it to the public. If you didn’t know…the entire Goonies Movie was filmed in Oregon. We tried to see the Astoria Colum but it was so rainy and foggy it was hard to see anything. 

We then headed to Seaside and stopped for some lunch, and of course it had to be seafood. The town was cute and definitely a summer tourist spot because most of the businesses were closed. The town had starfish lights on all the posts and light banners between the posts at stoplights. We walked down to the beach to hunt for sand dollars, but ended finding hundreds of huge dead torn apart crabs, attacked by birds I’m sure.

I wish I had more pictures, but both our phones died and my camera battery died so all you have are my words to give you an idea of what it was like 😦 

We are now off to Cannon Beach and would love tips on where to hit next.



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