The Horsetail Falls Edition

It’s been a warm and sunny week here in Sierra Nevada Mountains, can’t complain!! We have been wanting to hike this trail since we got back from Oregon but it was hard to pick a good day. You do not want to be hiking mid-day in 80 degree weather. Finally we had a drop in the temps and we set out early.

It’s a 3 mile hike depending on how far you go up. You can take the trail off into a few different directions too, so you can shorten it if you prefer. Being the adventurous spirits we are, we decided to take the “Wilderness Boundary Trail” which takes you to the base of the falls. You can take the “Pyramid Creek Trail” which follows along side the waterfall runoff, you’ll still get a stunning view of Horsetail.

Once you begin on the trail it starts to incline up some rocks and  boulders and then you begin to loose the trail. Then you just kinda go for it..whichever way is easiest for you to get closer to the waterfall. You will see a small creek that you have to cross over and there will be some logs to help you across.  Then follow that up towards the sound of the falls. You will be seeing others on the trail so follow them if you are uncertain.

View from Pyramid Creek Trail

The waterfalls are beautiful, we stopped for a bit and enjoyed lunch. We love just listening to the roaring waters!

Please be careful once you get there.. The water is rough and the rocks are slippery. We had a difficult time getting me up and around the rocks with Baby M in her carrier. I also had a few slips, so this trail isn’t really for families. I would stick to the Pyramid Creek Trail for families!

To get here take Highway 50 towards Placerville and you will see a pull out on your right with a parking lot. You will have to pay a fee of $5 for parking. Here is more trail info : Horsetail Falls

We have been on a waterfall mission lately. So please let me know any of your favorites around here!


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