The C stands for Cristen.

My boyfriend and I are new parents to our beautiful daughter. Since we met over 5 years ago we have always had a love for an adventure. Now that we are a family, we know it is still possible to continue our explorations, even with an extra miniature person.

Growing up in Southern California I always thought I would always live here and start a family. We would head to the beach on weekends and have summer night barbecues with all our kids becoming childhood friends…
Fast forward 6 years and now I’m in the Sierra Nevada mountains living out the life I never dreamed of, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We still have our beach days, with lake water as clear as the Caribbean and we still have our barbecues with our daughter being the only child in attendance but we like it that way. I love where we live, we have endless options for outdoor adventures no matter the season. Sure, we have our days where staying indoors is the better choice…but those days are far and few between. During the summer we have: kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, camping, etc. and during the winter we have: snowboarding and skiing, snowshoeing, and playing in snow..I mean who doesn’t love a good snowball fight

I hope we can encourage others to get out there and explore with their families. I would love to hear your own family adventures and any tips you have for us.




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