Tahoe Trails: Easy-Moderate

It has been some time since I have filled you all in on my recent adventures. Since we got back from our visit down in So-Cal I have not been able to catch up on anything. So I wanted to do a quick update on the recent hikes we have been on since we have returned. These are featured on the north,south, and west shore of the lake. 

South Lake Tahoe –  Hawley Grade : 4.3 miles

I recommend doing this hike mid-day, we hiked in the evening which was a terrible mistake. The misquotes (skeets: as I call them) are out thick this year, and we did not think to bring the bug spray, so we were eaten alive. Besides that this moderate trail was great for us, and had an amazing waterfall about halfway up that actually goes right over the trail. I was carrying Baby M in her pack, so I didn’t take the risk of walking through the rushing water. But, I did see many others brave it, even on their bikes!

To get here just take Highway 50 towards Sacramento and turn left on South Upper Truckee Road and follow the road the entire way down and you will see the sign for the trail on your right.

South Lake Tahoe – Eagle Lake : 1.8 miles

One of the more popular trails in Tahoe, this trail is again moderate, and fun for the whole family. You get stunning views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe on your way up and get to even take a dip (if you dare) into Eagle Lake once you arrive. I would definitely pack a lunch to enjoy while you are here, its nice to enjoy the scenery. When we hiked this we actually got to see a baby beaver!

To get here just go towards Emerald Bay and there is a parking lot that you can’t miss. Make sure you pay the $5.00 for the parking permit though. Remember that this is one of the most popular trails so be prepared to see a lot of others on this trail, and to be courteous of others.

North Lake Tahoe – Tunnel Creek Trail : 4.8 miles

This is one of my favorite trails on the North shore, it provides great views of the lake and you get to check out monkey rock. The trail is well taken care of with hardly any over growth and is wide enough for 3-4 people to walk side by side. This is part of the popular Flume Trail for bicycles so keep your eyes out and make sure you give them space. If you wanna check out monkey rock you can take a slight detour after the first switchback you will see a foot trail off to the left toward large boulders, and you will see a rock with a face of a gorilla carved out of it. 

You will find this trail off of the 28 in Incline Village. Parking is free on the side of the highway. You will see the trail behind Tunnel Creek Cafe which is our go-to spot for lunch after hiking. Try the turkey pesto! 

West Shore – Eagle Rock: 1.5 miles

The easiest trail on the list, this hike will take 20 min tops to get there and you get stunning views of the lake. It’s a bit difficult once you get to the rockier portion but that’s the only tough part. If you adventure around you might be able to find some caves 🙂 

Can’t miss this one of the 89 near Homewood, you’ll see a rock formation that almost goes over the street, find parking on the right. Trail heads are designated. 

 I am pretty sure our daughter has been on most hikes then many people my age at this point, and she is only 6 months! People I come across on trails either are confused as to why I have her out or they praise me. I want to inspire more moms to be adventurous, to be wild and free, and to be brave. Yes it takes more work hiking with a baby, but it’s worth it. 

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Where should we go next? 


The Napa Edition: 3 Family Friendly Wineries

Whenever I talk about the city of Napa in Calif. three words come to mind; wine, romance, and relaxation. But, now that Baby M is in our lives, Napa isn’t really talked about. So when F suggested we stop by there for a night on our way home from our road trip, I was a little hesitant about bringing the baby along. After I did a bit of research and talked to friends who recommended some places for us to visit I felt more comfortable knowing I have not been the only one in this situation. Here are my top three wineries that are family friendly. No strollers are recommended for these places, babies in carriers or walking only.

  1. V. Satuui : This winery is fit for all ages with a picnic ground and an artisan deli right on the grounds. No reservation is required, you can pay $15 for six tastings of whichever wine they have available that day. What is great about this place is that it is almost like a self guided tour where you can have your tasting then hit the deli and have some lunch out in their gardens. The little ones can play while you enjoy your tasty lunch and sip on the nice bottle of vino you just bought.
  2. Castello di Amorosa : Built after a 13th century Tuscan castle, this is sure to catch you and your kids attention. This place has 5 towers, a drawbridge and moat, a dungeon, and of course tasting rooms for the of age. No reservations are needed here, however they will close the entrance when they reached capacity. General Admission begins at $25 with 5 premium tastings.
  3. Sterling Vineyards : With an ariel tram that takes you over their vineyards, you can’t get a view better than this! You will be greeted with a glass of wine and you can meander around looking at their art and elevated walkways that show the proccess of wine making. General Admission begins at $29, under 21 $15, and under three are free.

V. Satuui was my favorite, we even left with a couple bottles of wine to take home.  We obviously had ourselves a great time, because I don’t have many photos. Just because we have Baby M does not mean we can’t go out and have ourselves a “responsible” good time. I encourage you all to get out there too!

Please let me know of any other places we should travel to next as a family, I would love to hear your recommendations.